Cummins Engine

  • Precision cut cylinder block
  • Exhaust Turbocharger with bypass valve
  • Electronic fuel injection and Bosch high-pressure common rail fuel pump reduce consumption
  • Rear-mounted gear housing for reduced vibration and engine noise.
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ZF Transmission

  • Lightweight all-aluminium case manufacturer, compact overall structure and layout, to reduce the weight of 40% compare to similar products, fuel economy, maintenance is convenient.
  • Premier double-cone synchronisers whole structure, reverse sync, no shot shock, wide range of output torque 400N manipulation convenient, can easily cope with a variety of road conditions.
  • High-strength steel gears, fine high gear tooth design with helical teeth, tooth grinding precision manufacturing processes, drive efficiency over 99%. Low noise , high reliability, the Cummins vigorous momentum built on its head.
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